Community Development

Joe Chrystal
Director of Community Development/Building Official

PO Box 3005
202 W. Main St.
Elma, WA 98541

Voice (360) 482-4482
Fax (360) 482-4960

Community Development

Land Use and Construction Permitting and Administration

The purpose of the City of Elma Office of Community Development is to further the protection of the general health, safety, and welfare through the administration of the Washington State Building Code and the City's development regulations.

Department staff furthers this purpose by approaching our duties always with professionalism, cheerfulness, and unquestioned ethical standards.

First Preventer -  Whether their title is Building Official, Inspector, Plan Reviewer, or Fire Marshal,  their mission is the same:

  • To prevent harm by ensuring compliance with building safety codes before a disaster occurs
  • Prevention goes unnoticed by design and definition
  • Success is a non-event
  • First Preventers play a major role in savings lives, protecting property, and reducing recovery costs often borne by the public

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