Elma Volunteer Fire Department

In 1891, according to the now defunct Elma Chronicle, a "hose cart" was delivered to the city and a meeting was held to discuss organizing a voluntary fire department. Several attempts to organize a fire department occurred, without success, throughout the next few years.

In the fall of 1927 the local American Legion members recognized the need for a fire department and arranged for the City of Centralia fire chief to come to Elma once a week to train local volunteers. He continued training the volunteers until he determined they had become proficient.

Today the Elma Fire Department is a working force dedicated to the Elma community and equipped with modern equipment.

Dedicated Volunteers

The Elma Fire Department staff consists of 25 volunteer firefighters, a Chief appointed from amongst the volunteers by the Mayor, and an Operations Chief and president elected by the firefighters.

Elma firefighters respond to emergency calls, including structure and wildland fires, vehicle fires and accidents, and animal rescues.

Additionally, firefighters respond to reports of illegal burning, either burning during periods of burn bans or burning materials other than natural vegetation.

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