1. On June 24, 2020, the Governor recognized the importance and benefits in containing the COVID19 crisis arising from citizens wearing face coverings in certain circumstances.
  2. Upon the same day, the Secretary of the State’s Department of Health issued an order relating to such utiliĀ­zation. It is my intention as Mayor of the City of Elma, to confirm the applicability of those regulations.

NOW THEREFORE, it is hereby found and ordered by James Sorensen, Mayor of the City of Elma:

  • SECTION I: The relevant portions of the information set forth in Recitals 1 and 2 as well as the Findings set forth in the Secretary’s Order are adopted as Findings of Fact.
  • SECTION II: Based upon those F’indings, the provisions of the Secretary’s Order, a copy of which is attached to this Order and attached by that reference are adopted and shall be complied with within the Elma Corporate limits.
  • SECTION III: The Declaration of Emergency stated in Section II shall terminate automatically at midnight upon the day that the Order is withdrawn or cancelled by action of the Governor or Secretary ..
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